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National cervical screening promises to save more lives than all other methods combined," said Dr. Jonathan Adley of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Among other benefits, it was calculated to prevent 50,000 new cases of cervical cancer every year.

About 14,000 young girls in the U.S. are at an increased risk because they're also having unprotected sex, with a 13 percent increase in cervical cancer, the CDC estimated.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released an analysis of the benefits of screening for cervical cancer. (CDC)

The survey of 1,071 women ages 18 and older found they were about as likely as white women to have had an STD that had occurred at a high-risk or mid-risk period but not at a low-risk point.

The majority of men were more likely to report being sexually active when having an STI.

Other findings were:

Men who had sex regularly were more likely to be aware of STIs.

The rate of young women (who had sex younger than 25) reporting ever having an STD was higher among sexually active participants, however, compared with sexually inactive participants.

The prevalence of having sex with someone of the same or similar age was higher among sexually active women (40 percent vs. 27 percent), but this difference was less apparent among sexually inactive women (26 percent vs. 32 percent).

The highest STD prevalence among young women was in the Midwest and Northeast, and lowest among those who were sexually active or never having been sexually active.

Nearly one in 10 sexually active young women had a high risk or mid-risk period, compared with 1 in 20 sexually inactive young women.

A higher number of sexually active young women (11 percent) had an STI that occurred prior to age 18, compared with 1 in 6 sexually inactive young women.

In 2012, the U.S. had an estimated 1.6 million new cervical cancers that were among those that would be prevented by a national cervical screening program.

Those rates are similar to those in other industrialized countries where the prevalence of cervical cancer increases with advancing age, CDC researchers write in the journal Pediatrics.

What is a "prevalent infection" for cervical cancer screening?

In 2012, women ages 15 to 44 with at least three infections at the time of a screening visit were more than twice as likely to have cervical cancer than women 15 to 19 with one or more infections. Among women ages 50 to 64, among whom 10 percent of women had multiple infections, HPV types 16 and 18 accounted for nearly four in 10 women.

There is little difference in risk between girls who were screened for sexually transmitted diseases, and were not screened, compare
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